Yoga – it’s all in the breath …

Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity ‘ unknown 
My venture into the world of yoga started just over two years ago through a ‘power yoga’ class I started attending following in from my discomfort associated with digestive issues I was experiencing. After having bring recommended surgery for my slight prolapse I opted to try a natural option of yoga and a change of diet . 
Whilst attending the classes I soon realised I was practising Iyengar yoga but I had not connected with the breath as yet and whilst I was experiencing physical benefits from the practice I knew there was much more I could learn . It was at this point that I decided to try out ashtanga vinyasa yoga – this class brought my attention to the Ujjayi breath – sometimes known as ‘the ocean breath’ or “cobra breathing”. It is a helpful way for the yogi or yogini to keep the vital life force,prana, circulating throughout the body rather than escaping from it during practice . 
It was only when I connected the breath with the movement that I realise the true benefits of yoga 

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