Real Food

1. The Organic Box Challenge

I am taking on a challenge – to cook and prepare with healthy, REAL organic veggies for our family meals- without it costing the earth. 

What will that look like?  Here are the parameters I have set for the challenge:

  • My goal is to spend $50 per week – or $200 per month for my family of 4 on organic fruit and veg to supplement our staple food shop which will include some pasta , rice, lentils , quality meats , poultry and fish 
  • I’ll be using ALL seasonal veggies and fruit each week – throwing nothing away ! 
  • I’ll be supplementing the veggies with a healthy mix of protein . All processed foods are out and real food is in. That means antibiotic freechicken and grass fed beef. That means raw and/or organic dairy. I’ll be searching for low cost quality ingredients at every turn.
  • I will assume that families that might want to learn from this have kids and work so don’t have a lot of extra time.  That means the meals will be simple and quick and ones that kids can enjoy . 
  • I’ll be sharing my challenge with you through weekly check ins on this blog. Every week you will see a post with my success and failures and thoughts along the way

When will this start?  NOW.  I’ve already begun planning my meals and am planning am SO excited about this challenge.  I think it will be difficult, but doable, and I’ll learn a lot that I hope to share along the way. 

Week one – let the organic box challenge begin 

Here are links to the recipes I will create along the way which I will share on  recipe yum :

2. The Veggie Patch 

Time to practise what I preach and use the space in the garden to grow some veggies of our own .

In our new house I have a small raised bed which was filled with overgrown tomato vines .

In a break between the rain today I started to clear the bed to see what the soil was like and to get planting some crops for the kids and I to enjoy .

I fortunate enough to live next door to the beautiful Alice (a biodynamic organic farmer ) – what better mentor could I have dreamed to have – so no excuses for my veggies to not be great !

Can’t wait to share this story with you as I progress ….


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