Health and Happiness  are intrinsically linked and whilst we all know that a healthy diet and frequent exercise lead to feeling better about ourselves , improved energy levels and overall better wellbeing we continue to indulge in the foods that can cause imbalances in our bodies and lead to sluggish , heavy , slow moods and lows of emotional wellbeing .

Through research for blog pieces I will explore ways we can introduce healthy habits into our daily routines at work and in the home  without it taking over our lives and becoming obsessed by healthy fads.

I will be sharing my musings  on how to encourage better habits at home and work for health . There is a growing shift in the recognition of the importance of health and wellbeing both at work and home and how it is not only the food we eat and water we drink that impacts on our health but also the built environment we will and work in.

After all “The materials we build with can affect our well-being as much as the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe”  Healthy Building Network . Huge thanks for @fairsnape for introducing me to this article … a great read






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