Wellness and Happiness: The Next Built Environment / CSR Frontier (Updated)

Quick thoughts as I’ve just been re reading Martins’ blog and thinking through the field of health and well being in the workplace. There are so many factors that can influence employee wellbeing and productivity . Probably the easiest of these to get right and tackle first is that of the physical environment in which they work …. Seems like a no brainer before any nutritional or psych interventions – let’s get the building right so that it encourages and embraces and develops employee wellbeing ….. Creating spaces conducive to creativity , individuality , team working , communication and innovation … Ensuring we don’t forget to bring the outside indoors – after all we humans thrive around our natural environment – it’s scientifically proven that we recover faster , concentrate better and can be more creative with a natural view and with plants around us …. (For more on biophilia check out ‘last child in the woods ‘)

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Update 27/10/14:  The International WELL Building Institute launched the WELL Building Standard Version 1.0, as a publicly available standard which focuses on enhancing people’s health and well-being through the built environment, at the inaugural WELL Building Symposium in New Orleans. The WELL Building Standard v1.0 can be applied to new construction and major renovations of commercial and institutional buildings, tenant improvements, and core and shell developments.

In addition, Ann Marie Aguilar Arup, has become the first international WELL Accredited Professional (AP), able to support and facilitate certification of projects against the new WELL Building Standard®.

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Salutogenesis – a term we should become familiar with.

It describes an approach that focuses on factors that promote human health and wellness, rather than on factors that prevent disease and ill health (I am indebted to my partner Prof. Soo Downe for introducing me to this concept from the world of childbirth and…

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