Sydney to Byron Bay 

Hi there. So far I have only taken you from Melbourne to Sydney which was only the first leg of our debut family Aussie roadtrip . So here goes . I will aim to recap on the next leg of our journey which took us from Sydney to Byron Bay via a couple of pit stops in Old Bar , Kempsey and Nambucca Heads. 

We left Sydney at 2am , bundling the sleeping kids into the car and driving through the night up the legendary Pacific Coast Highway ( A1 heading North)  . Our first stop was timed nicely to watch the sunrise at Old bar , a coastal town in NSW in the city of Greater Taree , around 315 km North of Sydney . 

Our route to Byron Bay


Sunrise at Old Bar
 Following on from a quick pit stop , toilet break and piece of fruit and top up of coffee we started on our way again in the search for a brekkie stop as our driver was craving smashed avo  on toast or a full English by this point … 

We stumbled upon Kempsey , a small town on the Kempsey river , really quaint and intriguing so we parked up and looked for a cafe , but at 9am on a Sunday we were out of luck . We took a half an hour break for the kids to play on the playground whilst Adam and I stretched our legs and took in the beautiful views of the river and planned our next stop ! 

After a bit of discussion we decided to keep going to Nambuca Heads – so armed with the audio book ‘Matilda , by Rohal Dahl ‘ we drove on. 

Driving into Nambuca heads we were excited to see a lovely Nambuca Boatshed and cafe open and inviting . We quickly parked up and went over to enjoy a hearty breakfast of fruit , pancakes and bacon and eggs ! We sat beside the river, swans, pelicans , fishermen, beautiful mangroves, on their shaded veranda that ran all the way around the cafe.. 



From where we were seated we could see signage for The Gulmani boardwalk . We decided to explore a it whilst we were there and break up our drive so we headed off on the 3 km long Boardwalk that followed the river, past mangroves through a park, giving good views all the way along of Pelicans , mangroves and fishermen . It’ was really easy walking and great fun for the kids as plenty to see along the way. The walk took us right down to a V-Wall where families paint rocks, and fishermen toss in their lines . The water was a crystal blue/ green and so clear that the kids were fish spotting all the way along the boardwalk . This was the perfect restop and break from our long car journey . 

We walked back and continued on our way in the car straight to Suffolk Park . Just before Byron Bay , it was fast approaching 3pm as we pulled into our Rainforest Retreat , our wooden cabin home for two nights …. Quiet , emerged in nature and basic ( just the way we like our holiday homes 😃



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