Melbourne to Sydney 

Firsly sorry for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks . My family and I used the school holidays to get on the road and experience a bit of Australia on our first family roadtrip out here .

Our first roadtrip was a fairly simple journey int he sense that we did not go off into the ‘outback’ but we headed north from Melbourne to escape the colder weather and to explore the coast and hinterland between Melbourne and Noosa.

As a family we have always sworn by night time driving  departing at around 2am after all of the family have had a few hours kip and hopeful that after a couple of chapters of a good audiobook the kids would drift off back to sleep , awaking at there destination . This works really well when travelling in Australia as the distances are so vast .

Melbourne to Sydney (approx 9 hrs) 

There are pros and cons to driving through the night . The pro being that the kids slept so little need for constant toilet breaks – the cons being that there is not much to see other than huge trucks and the occasional service station .

Upon arriving in Sydney we were welcomed by our gorgeous friends who put us up for a night and with whom we were able to explore a bit of Sydney . Huge thanks to the Bells !!!

Manly bay to Sydney Harbour 

First trip out was to Manly Bay , lovely funky bay with a great friendly feel about it . Time for a quick strong flat white at a lovely little Swedish cafe FIKA kitchen and then off to catch our ferry across to Sydney harbour to take in some of the views, sights and treats that the harbour has to share .


Ferry route from Manly Bay to Circular Quay
The ride on the ferry was a treat as we passed all of the stunning bays Sydney has to offer . The excitement of a ferry ride for the kids was great and travelling on a big ferry took me back to my childhood days crossing from HK to Kowloon on the star ferry ( only without the bowl of noodles ) .

As we approached the harbour with the Sydney Opera House in sight I can understand why there is such a fascination in this city by the sea . The Opera House must be the most referenced case study of Biomimicry in design designed in 1956 by Jorn Utzon and taking the shape and form of a huge seashell. 

Arriving in the harbour with five hungry kids we ventured towards the well known Rocks to find some food and a spot in the sun . The rocks is just Up from Circular Quay – a historic area of the city with colourful markets , cobble streets and tourists a plenty . It has a lovely charm about it so easy to see why it is so popular.

We stumbled across DARE , (DARE stands for Delicious and Responsible Eating so expect a range of tasty, ethical, allergy-aware, and chemical-free snacks ) and spent the next couple of hours enjoying the food , beer , music and sun. What a treat !!!

Manly Bay to Shelly Beach 

Beautiful weather again so decided to venture out to Shelly beach . We had the kids armed with bikes and scooters and briskly walked along the promenade of Manly beach  to Shelly Beach. It was fairly busy with families and people of all ages along the promenade to the sheltered Shelly Beach . Along the way there was a beautiful Fairy Bower Baths-Triangular in shape and the southern most rock pool on the Northern Beaches. Had it been a warmer day we could have all swum , paddled and played here in the lovely pool protected from the ocean waves. Arriving at Shelly beach we treated ourselves to well earned banana bread and coffee from The Boathouse. 

We sat and watched the world go by , kayaks coming into the beach , swimmers training in the sea, and a few snorkellers having a good look around under the water – and then got stuck in with the kids making a sandcastle city from our coffee cups and banana bread boxes . 

Here is a brief write up of the fun we had on weekend notes Shelly Beach Day trip


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