Take time to start the day well 

If you are like me and not traditionally ‘a morning person’ but have since having kids become a morning person due to the kids waking at the crack of dawn . Best solution for me I have found is literally ‘If you can’t beat then join them …. ‘ 

I try to wake up before them and have a strong morning routine I stick to to prepare me for a positive day . 

Here are the steps I follow that I have picked up over time that help meget in shape for the day ( in a short amount of time ! ) 

1. Tongue scraping … A tip and practice from Ayurvedic practice and one that definately has benefits. This ancient practice helps to stimulate the internal organs through energetic connections with the rest of the body, improve digestion by increasing your sense of taste, and cleanse the body by removing Ama (toxins) and bacteria from your oral cavity.

2. Oil pulling … This is a daily mouth gargle (I use sesame oil but coconut is great too !) . I do this whilst I am turning on the shower and starting to prepare for my next steps . Oil pulling is well known in ayurvedic tradition to ‘pull’ the bacteria , fungus, mucus and toxins from the mouth. It must not be swallowed . 

3. Coffee body scrub . Exfoliate using left over coffee grains . The key is the exfoliation and light massage . Always work in long strokes towards your heart starting with your feet . Rinse well under a warm shower and finish under cold water ( … It’s invigorating 😉 

4. Post shower oil : I use warm coconut  oil to massage into my skin again from feet towards the heart … Long smooth firm strokes .

5. Have a hot ginger and lemon water drink . 

6. Sit comfortably and practice five rounds of kapalabhati yoga breathing .. Great way to wake up your body . 

For a great demo of this breath visit this YouTube clip Kapalabhati breathing technique

Wake and feel strong and positive for the day ahead . This is a simple 20 min routine that you can adapt to suit you that will help you feel energised and positive about the day ahead. 


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