Week 3 in the swing of it ! …

This week when tackling the veg box it didn’t seem such a chore . I took delight in preparing the veg as soon as I brought the box home … Bagging the green leaves and pre roasting the root vegetables and squashes ready for the week ahead 


week three organic fruit and veg
Week three challenge : pak choi and third week of celery 

I love pak choi but was conscious that this would be more difficult to introduce as a veg for the kids . In an attempt to use some in the children’s meals i finy chopped the white part of the vegetable and added it to their chicken korma whilst the greens I stir fried with ginger and garlic for a tasty topper for our kitchary for Adam and I . 

Celery is a tough veggie for my two little people . They are not find of the taste so often find myself hiding it in sauces which is a real shame . 

In stead of making a traditional soup with the celery this week I opted for a raw celery soup with a kick . 

Easy to make by blending celery , coconut water , half an avocado and some cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice . It was delicious and went down a treat for the adults in our family . 

raw celery and avocado soup !

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