Week 2 organic box gets tricky ! 

Hey there … Delighted to have picked up this weeks organic box and to have the treat of scrumptious apples , bananas and kiwi fruit in addition to the usual vegetables .  


Week two challenge : abundant greens ! 

Ok – so this week seemed so much easier at the offset upon viewing the veg but let’s not forget the aim of the challenge / to use all veg and not waste any ! 

So when faced with celery with quantities of green leaves – I started to wonder how I could made use of this leafage . 
Week two tips : 

Use all of veg including the leaves  !!! 

After a bit of research online I cut off all of the beautiful leaves from the beetroot and celery and bagged them separately in the fridge along with the fresh spinach leaves . These were then used these throughout the week in salads in addition to or in place of usual spinach / lettuce …. Delicious and I would highly recommend celery leaves with a mustardy dressing whilst the beetroot leaves went well with spinach mixed with a simple olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing – or a balsamic .

Pre Roast some veggies each week 

Chuck a few favourite vegetables in a big oven proof dish and roast them with olive oil and salt . 

Do this early in the week and store in the fridge to be used as salad toppers for lunches / dinners through out the week . 

 I used these in salads but also to add to Dahl for a quick healthy lunch or evening meal for Adam and I . 


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